Behavioral Health Nutrition (BHN) is a Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our mission is to provide resources and support which empower BHN members to excel in the areas of addictions, eating disorders, intellectual & developmental disabilities, and mental health. Within those specialties, we strive to optimize the physical and cognitive health of those we serve through nutrition education and behavioral health counseling.

This is our student blog, BHN Students, which was created for our students by our students. All of our articles are are original contributions by BHN student members, and we are very proud of that! We work hard to give our students plenty of opportunity to learn, grow, share, and volunteer.

If you are a student member and would like to contribute to the blog, or learn about other opportunities within BHN, send an email to studentliaisoncommittechair@bhndpg.org. In your email, be sure to include a bit of information about yourself so our Student Liaison can place you correctly.

BHN website: http://www.bhndpg.org/

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Life with an Eating Disorder: The Beginning

~by Amber Ritz~ I was in my first semester at Texas Tech University when I first learned about eating disorders. I felt this connection to many of the symptoms associated with binge eating disorder (BED), food addiction, bulimia nervosa (BN), compulsive overeating and over-exercising… I thought I was just overreacting at first. I mean, it’s … Continue reading Life with an Eating Disorder: The Beginning

My Journey into the Field of Dietetics

~by Rushali Parekh~ I am an international student from India who started with a major in Zoology. Food Science and Nutrition was not something I thought I would pursue as a profession. When I started my undergraduate degree in India, I had never considered it. I love studying biology and that was one of my … Continue reading My Journey into the Field of Dietetics

Social Justice in Eating Disorder Care: A Vital Piece of Helpful & Sustainable Recovery

~by Natalie Colantuono~ Eating disorders are complex, multifaceted disorders. They weave their way into every part of an affected person’s life, wreaking havoc on mental well-being, physical health, personal relationships, individual values & endeavors, other interests & hobbies, and more. Because eating disorders have this enduring complexity, it only makes sense that their care and … Continue reading Social Justice in Eating Disorder Care: A Vital Piece of Helpful & Sustainable Recovery

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