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Experience Recognition Program

By Kathleen Aguzzi As a student, getting experience in your career field is so vital to reaching success outside of the classroom. When applying to an internship or job, employers will be looking at your resume for hands on participation. It is especially important to make these outside of the classroom experiences meaningful and constructive. … Continue reading Experience Recognition Program


Improving Behavior in Preschoolers through Nutrition

by Kathleen Aguzzi I’ve always been outspoken about my passion for nutrition. I had been working at a preschool as a teacher’s assistant for a year before the director approached me concerned about their meal calendar. The director noticed that after years of running this business, more and more kids were struggling with behavioral disorders. … Continue reading Improving Behavior in Preschoolers through Nutrition

The Four-Year Field Trip

by Felecia Dispense My children, active-duty military husband, and I have been immersed in the Italian culture through cuisine, travel, and even through education since November of 2014. For many Americans, the word “Italian” is typically synonymous with “food.” I can honestly say, this is something I still personally agree with, but within a much grander … Continue reading The Four-Year Field Trip

Dietitians Who SERVE

by Omar Guerrero. Registered dietitian nutritionists are in a field where they get the remarkable opportunity to influence current and future generations of dietitians, as well as consumers’ views on food. Creating sustainable eating patterns for clients and collaborating with current and future dietitians are important skills. And by taking advantage of opportunities to SERVE, dietitians … Continue reading Dietitians Who SERVE

Untangling a Complicated Relationship with Food

by Briana Larson. I grew up in a house without “junk” food.  My mom, a dental hygienist by trade, was so passionate about oral health that she handed out toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  Yes, ours was that house – the house that neighborhood kids quickly learned to avoid like the plague.  Pint-sized witches, pirates … Continue reading Untangling a Complicated Relationship with Food